Is UK49s a Scam?

UK49s is a lottery game which was originally only available to the residents of the United Kingdom and has a draw twice per day. The game is often called 49s Lunchtime or 49s Teatime because of the time it is conducted, around 1 and 5 pm respectively. As with other types of lottery games, this one also needs you to choose numbers in a field of 49 numbers, hence the name and if the person manages to guess all of the numbers in which are picked in the draw, he will win a cash price at fixed odds which were given in advance.

Is This a Scam?

The company which has licensed this particular type of lottery game is called 49s Limited and is registered in both Wales and England. The odd thing is that you cannot play the lottery directly through them but have to go through a bookmaker. Even though their site has a field stating to “Bet Here” the functionality of it has never worked and is still in development. Going through different bookmakers, however, does have its advantages as it creates competition and different payouts. The higher the competition, the better the overall payouts become.

UK49s teamtime

It is important that you go through a list of legitimate bookmakers and compare their payout rates before beginning to bet, this way you would optimize your winnings and not only that but force other sites to raise their payouts because they are losing customers. Not only are you helping yourself in the short term this way, but you are also creating better opportunities for yourself in the future.

How Is It Played?

As with any other lottery game which consists of 49 numbers, you have to pick 6 specific numbers and if they are matched in the draw – you win the top prize. What is interesting when it comes to UK49s is that it provides a “bonus ball” which raises the total amount of drawn balls to seven. You will still have the option to participate in a six ball only game which would also provide higher odds, of course as there are less potential balls to be drawn.

Another important feature of this draw is that a person could wager on anywhere from one to five numbers in each of the draws. All of these have different payouts. The problem is that your UK49s results will be of high variance, but you certainly can win life changing money if you play regularly.

Different bookmakers offering UK49s will provide different software to play on, but it generally is really easy to use, and you could even make the whole game automated with features such as letting the computer pick out random numbers after a single click of the mouse. The UK49s results or draws will vary between bookmakers as they draw numbers on their own but are also licensed to do so.

You can play UK49s out of any country as long as you have the access to bookmakers which offer the game. Be sure to read the house rules before making any bets.


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