Icelotto Review

Making Lottery Interesting with IceLotto

Ice Lotto presents one of the largest online lottery websites in the world. They give you a method of playing the most popular lotteries around the globe without hassle using your Smartphone, Laptop or Desktop PC.

Icelotto Review

Icelotto Review

Special Promotions/Opening Offers

When you open an account now and make your initial purchase, you shall obtain a 100% free group or syndicate ticket for the upcoming USA MegaMillions draw. The USA MegaMillions draw previously hit jackpots of even $326,000,000.

On MegaMillions, you select five digits from 75 and one Mega Ball bonus digit from 15. To obtain the free ticket, just include your figures in your basket or utilize the Quickpick option, go to checkout, and your ticket for the free group will be added immediately. Each of your tickets shall be scanned and emailed to you then uploaded to your account after you finish buying.

After you purchase your first tickets and your free bonus ticket for the syndicate, you then obtain ‘buy one, get one free’ on your second ticket. It doubles your prospects of winning some cash.

To access this offer, just make your initial purchase, and that sum shall be included in your account as bonus cash. You can utilize this can to purchase any other ticket or many tickets from any lottery on the website for IceLotto.

Present Lotteries

You can play on 11 lotteries in the world such as USA Powerball, Spain’s El Gordo, USA Mega Millions, etc. You can buy each of these tickets from your account region. Therefore, to play, you do not need to reside in each state. The outcomes of all these draws can be obtained any time via their website.

Purchasing Lottery Tickets at IceLotto

You can play one entry tickets or many entries; therefore, you never overlook a subscription for a lengthy period. You can also choose to purchase group tickets. If you want to play many draws or buy a subscription, you shall get a discount of between 2% and 25%. It is determined by the number of weeks you select.

One significant aspect of purchasing your lotto tickets at IceLotto is that their ticket agents scan each of their tickets. You can visit the section of ‘my ticket’ of your account anytime to see your scanned tickets. After you purchase, all the tickets are scanned in thirty minutes. Also, if you hit the jackpot or win a large sum of cash, you will obtain your ticket and claim your winnings fast and efficiently. It assures you of security always.

Playing as part of a Group Syndicate

To raise your winning chances, they also provide group tickets. Group syndicates are people who play jointly in a specific draw. In every group, there are 150 members who play a maximum of 50 lines in every draw.

In case the lottery you wish to play has bonus digits, then every likely combination shall be added. Therefore, you have a guarantee of winning a prize. Any winnings from every draw are shared evenly between each member of the group.
Claiming your Winnings

If you win less than €5, it shall be included in your account and can be utilized to purchase additional lottery tickets or used for your subscription. When you have more than €5, you can withdraw your winnings back to your credit/debit card or a Skrill account.

The processing period for credit/debit card is 3 to 5 days while Skrill is 1 to 3 days. If you become the winner of a big prize and wish to withdraw more than €50, it is sent straight to your bank account where processing is done within 5 to 10 days.

Purchasing Lotto tickets Online at IceLotto

Players should register an account on IceLotto website before buying any entries. When they go to the home page, they come across the ‘Sign Up’ button (blue) on the screen’s top-right corner. Players should fill out the form with their full name, password, email and active landline and mobile phone number.

After they fill out the form, the players can log into their accounts online and start playing by pressing the option for ‘Play Lottery’ on the leftmost section of the top menu. IceLotto shall indicate a screen with a numerical form of the game ticket.

Players can click on their lucky digits or let the system do it for them by pressing the button for ‘Quick Pick’ on the top-right section of the screen. Players can buy ten lines for each entry. Before going to the checkout page, the players can opt to subscribe to 2, 4, 8, 26 or 52 dates.

Also, players can combine their tickets with a syndicate or group by choosing the ‘Group’ tab on the page’s top-right corner. Players can only select and pay for shares. Using this mode to play is more costly compared to the single player method.

But, players have improved prospects of winning due to the more significant number of entries.

Players shall be requested to deposit cash to their online balance before buying any entry. IceLotto allows payments from big credit cards like Visa and MasterCard. It also acknowledges payments from e-wallets like Neteller, Skrill, Qiwi, Yandex Money and GiroPay.

When payment is made, players can view their overall online fund in the option for ‘My Account’ in the top menu. They can see their balance also when they go to the checkout page after purchasing their entries.

Claiming Prizes

IceLotto presents a lottery ticketing firm. Its physical office is in the state of origin of each of the games it provides. After players submit payment for their orders, agents of IceLotto buy a physical entry from the country’s game organization.

To verify the representative had bought on behalf of the player successfully, he/she shall upload the document to the account of the player for viewing.

Agents of IceLotto are fit to obtain non-jackpot prizes for the player and deposit the sum into their appropriate online accounts. In case one wins in the top-tier, the service shall require the winner to go to the lottery country and visit the IceLotto’s local office to claim his/her ticket and claim the winnings personally from the game organization.