How Irish Lotto Winners Spend their Jackpot Prize

A lot of people are wondering how Irish Lotto winners spent their jackpot prize. Well, a recent survey revealed what winners bought with their lottery winnings. Among the interesting facts is that only five percent said that they gave up their jobs after winning the lotto. That was a surprise since most people will say that they will stop working after winning a big amount from the Irish Lotto.

Buy a House and Car

40 percent of Irish Lotto winners said that they bought a house after getting the prize money. And for those who remained in their old homes, they majority added a walk-in wardrobe among other luxury additions to their homes. Next to the walk-in wardrobe was a hot tub, and followed by installation of electric gates.

A luxury car is also on top of the list of things to buy according to Irish Lotto winners. 32 percent of those asked said they bought a Ferrari. Mercedes and Audi are the second and third most popular choices, respectively.

It looks like a family car is out of the question when it comes to lotto winners. They want flashy cars as commute to their work every day. However, there are practical winners who don’t buy material stuff but instead invest their winnings on safe investments. They want to ensure that their family will be financially secured for years to come. Some people choose early retirement so that they can enjoy their winnings in style.


Irish Lotto Winners

In 2017 alone, there were already 23 Irish Lotto winners who share more than €108 million in prizes. Among the big winners was a Dublin work syndicate that won €88.5 million. Majority of the winners said that financial security is the best thing that the lottery jackpot has brought them.

When it came to picking the winning Irish Lotto results, 40 percent said that they won through a quick pick, while more than a third said that they played regular numbers that included their birthday.

This is the case of Karl Scarff from Duleek. He has been playing the lotto for two years using the same numbers that were based on the birthdays of the family. He played the lotto through the App every Thursday for Saturday and Wednesday draws. He used the same number over and over again. And his persistence paid off. He won more than €45,000, which was enough to buy a home for his young family.

For Irish Lotto players, winning the lottery is a fulfilment of their dreams. You will be lucky to win it on your second year of betting every week. There are some people who got lucky after playing for nearly a decade. No matter how long you are playing the lottery, becoming one of the Irish Lotto winners is the realization of a dream. The feeling will stay with you for the rest of your life. And so, will your winnings depending on whether you manage it properly or not.

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